Complete Wheel Rim

4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey

4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey
4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey
4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey
4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey

4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey  4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey
4X ta technix ALUMINUM RIMS 8.5 X 19 INCH ET35 LK5 X 112 NLB 66.6 GRAY. We offer quality products at reasonable prices. Over 10 years of experience. Huge product selection, over 18000 products in the range. Huge amount of stock items, immediately available. Ta technix Aluminum rims 8.5x19 ET35 LK5x112 NB 66.6 Gun Metal Vehicles with NB 57.1 including centering ring 66.6 - 57.1 for Audi A3 Cabriolet Type 8P e12001/1160456.. For Audi A3, S3 type 8P, 8PB, 8PA e12001/1160418.., e12001/1160217.., e132007/461082.. For Audi A3, S3 type 8V e12007/460607.. For Audi A3 RS3 Quattro, Type 8Ve12007/460608.., 270kW for Audi A4, for Audi S4 Type B5 e198/140013.., e193/810013.. For Audi A4 cabriolet type 8H e12001/1160177.., e198/140177.. For Audi A4, S4 Type 8E e12001/1160151.., e198/140151.. For Audi A6, S6, Allroad Type 4B e198/140051.., e196/270051..

For Audi A6, S6, Allroad Type 4B e12001/1160051.., e198/140051.. For Audi A6, S6, Allroad Quattro Type 4F1,4F e132007/461080.., e12001/1160254.. For Audi A8 / S8 Type D2 e198/140005.., e193/810005..

For Audi A8 / S8 type 4E e12001/1160198.. For Audi Q3 type 8U, 8U1 e132007/461163.., e12007/460591.. For Audi TT type 8J e12001/1160374.., e12001/1160369.. For Audi TT Coupe, TTS Coupe, TT Roadster, TTS Roadster Type 8J e12001/1160369..

For Audi Quattro A4, S4, RS4 Type QB6 e12001/1160243.. For Audi Quattro RS3 Type 8P e12007/460615.. For Audi Quattro R8 Type 42 e12001/1160399.. Seat Altea, Altea XL, Freetrack Type 5PN e92007/460012.. Seat Altea, Altea XL, Toledo, Freetrack Type 5P e92001/1160050.. Seat Exeo, Exeo ST Type 3R, 3RN e92001/1160072.., e92007/460011.. Seat Leon Type 1P e92001/1160052.. Seat Leon Type 1P e92007/460013.., 63-155kW, 177-195kW Seat Leon Type 5F e92007/460094.. Skoda Octavia Type 1Z e112001/1160230.., e112007/460012.. Skoda Octavia Type 5E e112007/460243.., 63-169kW Skoda Octavia Type 5E e112007/460244..

Skoda Superb Type 3U e1198/140187.. Skoda Superb Type 3T e112001/1160326.. Skoda Yeti Type 5L e112007/460010.., e112007/460034.. For VW Eos type 1F e12001/1160349..

For VW Golf V Type 1K e12001/1160242.. For VW Golf V Type 1K e12007/460490.., e12001/1160242.. For VW Golf VI, Golf Variant VI, Golf Sportsvan VI Type 1 KM, AU, 1K e12007/460490.., e12007/460623.., e12007/460492.. For VW Golf VII, Golf Variant VII, Golf Sportsvan VII, Golf ALLTRACK VII Type AUV e12007/460627.. For VW Golf V Plus Type 1KP e12001/1160304..

For VW Golf V Plus Type 1KP e12001/1160304.., e12007/460491.. For VW Jetta, Golf VI Type 1KM e12001/1160328..

For VW Jetta, Golf VI Type 1KM e12001/1160328.., e12007/460492.. For VW Passat Type 3C e12001/1160307..

For VW Passat Type 3C, 3c DE2007/460547.., e12001/1160307.., e12007/460502.., e12007/460547.. For VW Passat Type 3C e12001/1160307.., e12007/460502.., e12007/460547.. For VW Passat CC, CC type 3CC e12001/1160468..

For VW Scirocco type 13 e12001/1160471.. For VW Tiguan Type 5N e12001/1160450.., e12007/460487.. For VW Touran Type 1T, 1t e12007/460506.., e12007/460357.., e12001/1160211.., DE2007/460506.. For VW Touran Type 1T e12007/460357.., e12001/1160211.. For VW Passat Type 3B e198/14D0043.., e198/140043.., e195/540043.. For VW Passat Type 3BG e12001/1160157.., e198/140157.. For VW Passat type 3BS e198/140173.., e12001/1160173.. For VW Phaeton Type 3D, 3d e12001/1160189.., DE2007/460452.., e198/140189.., e12007/460452.. For VW Phaeton Type 3D e12001/1160189.., e198/140189..

Vehicles with NB 66.6: for Audi A5, S5, A4, S4 type B8, B81 e132007/461084.., e12001/1160430.., 90-200kW for Audi A6, S6, A7, S7 Type 4G1,4G e132007/461147.., e12007/460436.. For Audi A8L, for Audi A8, for Audi S8 Type 4H e12007/460284..

For Audi Q5 type 8R1,8R e132007/461083.. For Audi Q5 hybrid type 8R2 e132007/461179.. For Audi Q5, SQ5, SQ5 TDI Type 8R e12001/1160473..

Suitable for for BMW /Mini, 2 series type UKL-L e12007/460371.. Mercedes-Benz A-Class Type 176 e12007/460928..

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Typ 246 e12007/460751.. Mercedes-Benz B-Class, B 180 NGT, A-Class, CLA, GLA Type 245G e12001/1160470.. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Type 204 e12001/1160431.. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Typ 204K e12001/1160457.. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Typ 204,204K e12001/1160457.., e12001/1160431..

Mercedes-Benz CLA class type 117 e12007/461007.. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Type 212 e12001/1160501.. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Typ 212K e12007/460200.. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, CONVERTIBLE Type 207 e12001/1160502..

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, GLK-Class Typ 204X e12001/1160480.. Mercedes-Benz S-Class Type 221 e12001/1160335.. Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG 4MATIC, CLA 45 AMG 4MATIC, GLA 45 AMG 4MATIC Type 245G AMG e12007/461207.. Mercedes-Benz B-Class Typ 245 e12001/1160314.. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Type H0 G363, e192/530001..

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Type 202 e193/810034.. Mercedes-Benz CL 500, CL 600, CL 63 AMG, CL 65 AMG Type 216 e12001/1160372.. Mercedes-Benz CL class type 215 e198/140113.. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Type 210 e193/810022..

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Type 211 e12001/1160183.., e198/140183.. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Type 211 e12001/1160213..

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Type 211 e12001/1160183.. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Type 210K e193/810033.. Mercedes-Benz CLK type 208 e196/270054..

Mercedes-Benz S- / CL-Class Typ 140 F690, e196/270056.. Mercedes-Benz S- / CL-Class Type 140 C e196/270057.., G165 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Type 220 e197/270099.. Mercedes-Benz SLK Type 170 e195/540039.. Mercedes-Benz SLK Type 171 e12001/1160262.. Mercedes-Benz SLK Type 172 e12007/460548..

Mercedes-Benz SL class type 230 e198/140169.. Mercedes-Benz SL Class Type 231,230 e12007/460803.., e198/140169.. Camber, toe-in and caster must be checked when converting to new and larger rims/tires, if necessary. Be readjusted to correct camber, toe-in and caster values. A notice: Standard wheel Bolts with spherical collar must be through possible Tapered collar screws M1215KE28 / M14125KE27 / M1415KE28 are replaced. Matching items are available in our Shop. Here you will also find a large selection of products that have already been optimally put together for your vehicle type.

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  1. Brand: TA Technix
  2. Parts Certification: Incl. Parts certificate according to §19.3
  3. Package: yes
  4. Offset (ET): 35
  5. Manufacturer: TA Technix
  6. Note:: Fall, Track and Caster must possibly corrected werden
  7. EAN: 4251016787157
  8. Colour: Gun Metal Grey
  9. Rim Width: 8,5
  10. Finish: Painted
  11. Scope of Delivery: 4 rims (complete set)
  12. Mounting Position: Front, Back, Left, Right
  13. Hole Number: 5
  14. Hub hole (NLB): 66,6/57,1
  15. MPN: xXF3-02-4ST
  16. Wheel Material: Aluminium
  17. Stud Diameter: 5x112
  18. Inch Size: 19 Zoll

4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey  4X TA Technix Alloy Wheels Rims 8,5 X 19 Inch ET35 LK5 X 112 Nlb 66,6 Grey