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Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires

Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires
Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires
Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires
Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires
Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires

Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires    Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires

Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires. The item is in very good condition, the rims may occasionally show minimal signs of use.

The tires are new, see photos. 9.0 x 20 ET 34. 1044267-00-A (anthracite metallic satin finish). Hankook Winter icept Evo3 winter tires.

235/35 R20 92W DOT: 2222. 4x rims + 4x tires mounted.

With BLE sensors, without center caps shown (brand emblem). Please note: BLE sensors from year of construction 2021 - up to 2020 please also order TPMS sensors, we will convert them for you.

Since January 1st, 2021, the UK is no longer in the EU - so called "Brexit". We can tell you what these costs are from our UK customer experience. This may vary from region to region.

You have to settle it. They keeps the parcels for up to 20 days. This product is subject to the margin scheme. All complete wheels are fully assembled and can be rebalanced on request. Wheel bolts are also not included.

As a rule, however, you can use the existing screws from your original rims. As a rule, no TÜV registration is required for the models listed. To check, please refer to your COC data sheet. There it is recorded whether the desired wheel and tire combination is entered. The assessment of tires / rims does not relate to new tire quality, but is based on use-specific standards.

We ask you to pay attention to this, to avoid differentiated opinions. The measured values can deviate by +/- 0.5 mm which depends on the measuring equipment! The tread depths are measured in the legally prescribed profile main grooves next to the wear indexes with a tread depth gauge. Rims and complete wheels can be a big investment. We work until all of our customers are satisfied and come back because they liked it so much.

Would you like to order these rims but have other tires fitted? Perhaps you would also like to have the rims painted or powdered, for example from silver to black? Here we can help you with anything you want. If you bought a set of rims or tires from us in the shop, but found a cheaper offer not private sale! You can find a cheaper offer from a commercial dealer not private sale!

The offer was aimed at end consumers and related to individual goods. There were also no volume discounts from competitors. The cheaper offer can actually be ordered, i. Among other things not a misrepresentation.

There are no differences in the cheap offer to ours, such as age of tires and rims, type of tires, brand and condition of rims and tires. Also, there can be no differences to the final prices, i. Screenshot of the cheaper offer and exact details of where you found it. Invoice number from Original Räder 24 GmbH. We will review your submitted documents as soon as possible and then contact you. Conditions for the tire guarantee. Subject of the tire guarantee. The tire guarantee expressly does not apply to rims or other wheel parts, such as fastenings, suspensions, brakes, etc. But only to the pure tires. The tire guarantee is granted free of charge. There is no entitlement to a tire guarantee when purchasing a tire from Original Räder 24 GmbH. Scope of the tire guarantee. The claim holder receives the following benefits from the tire guarantee in the event of an unforeseen and caused by a puncture this only includes tire damage due to driving over / against an object incl. Curb, running in of a pointed object and tire blowout. Repair of the damaged tire is possible. (1) If the repair is carried out by Original Räder 24 GmbH. Credit for the repair costs incurred to repair the damage to the tire up to max. (2) If the repair is not carried out by Original Räder 24 GmbH.

B It is not possible to repair, i. Another prerequisite for a guarantee according to para.

All services from the tire guarantee always relate only to the tire (s) damaged by a guarantee event, but not to tires that are not damaged, even if they are on the same axle and / or also replaced due to a different tread depth resulting from repair or replacement Need to become. Benefits from the tire guarantee are excluded in the following cases. Tire damage when the vehicle is used by unauthorized drivers.

Tire damage due to war, war-like events, civil war, revolution, rebellion, uprising or high-level rulings, internal turmoil, earthquakes, nuclear energy, nuclear radiation or radioactive substances. Tire damage due to design, manufacturing or material defects. Tire damage due to normal or use-related premature wear or aging or contamination. Tire damage due to weather influences. Tire damage that occurs during the time of tire installation. Tire damage or tire loss due to theft. Tire damage or loss due to vandalism. The benefits from the tire guarantee are based on 2.1 mentioned services limited.

In this context, the claim holder is obliged, in particular, to notify Original Räder 24 GmbH of any tire damage without delay, to keep the damaged tire until the inspection and evaluation by Original Räder 24 GmbH and to provide Original Räder 24 GmbH with the damage pattern upon request for inspection and evaluation Possibility of documenting traceable, in particular by providing photographs immediately to provide any information required to determine the performance requirements of the tire guarantee, as well as to investigate the cause of the tire damage and the question of whether the damage can be repaired. If the claimant does not meet these obligations, the guarantee will not be due. In this case, Original Räder 24 GmbH has the option of setting the claimant a reasonable period of time to take the outstanding actions, with the indication that the guarantee will expire if the set period expires without the claimant having fulfilled the obligations incumbent on him. Claimant of the tire guarantee.

The claims to the services from the tire guarantee cannot be assigned. An extension of the tire guarantee is excluded. The tire guarantee expires automatically after one year. Do you have any questions? You can telephone us on Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 18:00 (EST) and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:00 (EST). You can also send us message. Our medium-sized company started in 2007 in Stralsund (near the island of Rügen). Because a successful business is only possible if you are satisfied. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Car Parts & Accessories\Wheels, Tyres & Parts\Wheels with Tyres".

The seller is "original-raeder" and is located in this country: DE. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.

  1. Package Quantity: 4
  2. Wheel Material: Aluminium
  3. Wheel Diameter: 20
  4. Wheel Width: 9.0J
  5. Rim Brand: Tesla
  6. Tyre Brand: Hankook
  7. Offset (ET): 34
  8. Number of Studs: 5
  9. Stud Diameter: 114.3
  10. Wheel Style: einteilig
  11. Type: Winter
  12. Tyre Width: 235
  13. Aspect Ratio: 35
  14. Load Index: 92
  15. Speed Rating: W: max.

    270 km/h

  16. Others: PKW, Winter
  17. Rim Manufacturer Part Number: 1044267-00-A
  18. DOT Date Code: 2222
  19. Tread Depth: Neu
  20. With centre caps (Yes/No): Nein (57€ Aufpreis)

Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires    Tesla 20 inch rims Model 3 Überturbine winter complete wheels tires